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iPhone 4G And Apple Tablet Rumor Sheets

Here are the rumor sheets for iPhone 4G and Apple Tablet / iTablet which gathers most of iPhone 4G and Apple Tablet rumors under a single image file. Apple has already confirmed that it is going to release its Latest Creation at the upcoming media event on January, 27th. We have already shared our detailed review on firmware 4.0 features/details and Apple Tablet specs, release date and price.

iPhone 4G Rumor Sheet
Apple Tablet/iTablet Rumor Sheet
via [Siluku]
Click on the respective image for full resolution.

Please note that all of these features are likely rumors, as we don't have anything official on these products yet from Apple; but most of these rumors are from inside-Apple sources, so we can say with little bit of indemnity that most of the features of these products would be along these lines. Stay tuned for more updates.

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