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iPhone 3GS vs Droid vs Nexus One vs Palm Pre – Specifications, Cost and Comparison

Sturdy computation is going on between Nexus One, iPhone and Motorola Droid in market these days. Those of you who are struggling to make a choice between these fabulous touch phones, BillShrink shared a nice chart that puts AT&T’s iPhone 3GS, Sprint’s Palm Pre, Verizon’s Motorola Droid and T-Mobile’s Nexus One against each other and show their comparison in terms of specifications and prices. Have a look:

Total Cost of Ownership Nexus One

Each one has different pros and cons, price wise Nexus One and Palm Pre cost cheaper than iPhone and Droid by around $1000, features wise Motorola Droid is better than other phones, Droid also lead in battery life. iPhone 3GS on other hand has huge no.of apps but it lack some of key functions like multitasking and multitouch.

Hopefully this analysis will help you in making some decision if you are planning to buy one of these phones, for complete coverage on iPhone please visit here, and visit here for Nexus One.

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