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How To Fix 3G Speed Issue in Nexus One

If you are using Google Nexus One and observing 3G speed issue on your phone, Kevin C. Tofel of jkontherun shared a workaround/fix that may solve your problem. Acc to Kevin, he wasn't able to get 3G broadband speed on his Nexus One, his phone was rather stuck on lower EDGE data rates. He then came up with a simple fix that solved his problem and he was able to get 3G data rates on his phone.

To fix 3G issue on Nexus One, all you have to do is to go into Settings. Select "Wireless and Networks". Now choose "Mobile Networks" option found near the bottom of the listing, select "Network Operators" option and you phone will now search compatible GSM networks in your area. Once it is done, you’ll see the choices. Choose "Select Automatically" option and your phone should now say "Registered on network". That’s it! Your Nexus One should now be able to pull full 3G speeds from your network.

Do comment if this solved your problem, and you were able to get 3G speed on your Nexus One.

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