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How To Enable Multitouch in Google Nexus One Browser

Multitouch capability/functionality in touch phones is really a question these days, due to some patents, multitouch functionality is not allowed in US on all phones, like Motorola Droid US version on Verizon didn't come with multitouch. Same goes for Google's Nexus One, it didn't come with a multitouch capable web browser etc even though the hardware(HTC) and Android 2.1 OS is fully capable of multitouch functionality. This is a major disadvantage as iPhone has multitouch functionality on US carriers; but no worries! People at XDA-Developers have released a Nexus One add-on, which enables full multitouch functionality on Nexus One's web browser like pinch-to-zoom etc.

Follow the following step-wise procedure to install add-on for enabling full multitouch functionality in Nexus One:


  • You will need to root your Nexus One before installing this multitouch add-on.
  • Try this on your own risk, we would not be responsible for any anomalies caused in your iPhone after installation of this add-on.

Step-1: Follow the procedure posted here to Root your Nexus One, if you haven't done already.
Step-2: Download required files for Nexus One multitouch add-on from here.
Step-3: Now you need to add these files in your Necus One, simply run following commands for doing so:

adb shell stop
adb remount
adb shell rm /system/app/Browser.odex
adb push Browser.apk /system/app
adb push /system/framework
adb push /system/etc/permissions
adb shell reboot

Step-4: That's all! Just reboot you phone and run web browser to try cool multitouch funtionality!

Here is a small video clip, showing multitouch functionality in Nexus One's web browser.

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