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YouTube Extensions For Google Chrome

Google Chrome is well known for its super fast browsing speed and now with the support of extensions and Greasemonkey scripts its back in competition with other popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox. We have already shared top 10 chrome extensions for Google Chrome but this post is particularly about famous Google Chrome YouTube extensions.

Fast YouTube Search

Fast YouTube Search - Search in YouTube with a single click.

Download Fast YouTube Search

YouTube - Most Popular Videos Today!

Watch the most popular videos on YouTube today!

If you are bored at work , at home or at school like most of the us,
so take a break and watch some cool youtube videos for 5 minutes.

Most of these videos are funny and relaxing so you can have a good time for 5 minutes every day!

Download YouTube - Most Popular Videos Today!

YouTube HTML5-ifier

YouTube HTML5

This extensions contains a simple content script which replaces the standard Flash-based YouTube video player with HTML5's new video tag which natively supports video. Video played this way will be more efficient and require less CPU.

An attempt is made to automatically play the best format possible (HD if available). This version may not be able to play all YouTube videos properly. It will not have any affect on videos embedded on other sites.

YouTube HTML5-ifier


This is a nifty app for when you need to load a YouTube video, but don't want to have to load the entire page. Say that you're chatting with someone, or you receive an email with a link to a YouTube video. With this extension, you simply input the URL, and seconds later you're viewing the YouTube video from the comfort of your tab!

Download ChromeTube

YouTube Auto Replay

Adds an auto replay checkbox in Youtube video page. You can also select a portion of the video to be auto replayed.

Download YouTube Auto Replay

Youtube Pause/Play

Allows you to pause or play Youtube videos without changing tabs. Perfect for anybody who likes listening to music on Youtube. Just click the icon, then click the title of the video you want to pause/play.

Download Youtube Pause/Play

Lyrics - YouTube

This app will display song matches and lyrics from automatically by the youtube videos that need it such as music videos. The more you use it, the smarter it gets and the more accurate the lyrics it shows you. Community powered and fully licensed.

Download Lyrics - YouTube


Download YouTube video in different formats: MP4 (1080p, 720p, 360p), FLV (HQ, Standard, LQ) and 3GP.

Download GetYouTube

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