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Pictures From Google Nexus One Camera

Nexus One is an android based phone designed by folks at Google and its hardware is manufactured in collaboration with HTC. Now Nexus One is probably the most awaited andriod phone of year 2010. It will be available to public next year but up-till now only Google employees were lucky enough to give it a test drive during their winter holidays as Google gave out some test units of Nexus One to its employees. Here are some of the pictures they took from Nexus One camera and uploaded them in their Picasa albums.

Image Credits: Ryan on Picasa

Image Credits: benbabooey on Picasa

Image Credits: benbabooey on Picasa

Click on the respective picture to see them in full resolution and if you will download the pictures from their albums (look for link under each picture), you can easily see "Nexus One" in the camera model field which confirms that these pictures are from upcoming Google Phone i-e Nexus One.

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