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Google Phone / Nexus One With Android 2.1 Photos

Earlier, we shared a leaked Image of Google Phone, named as Nexus One. Media giant Engadget has now released few more exclusive pictures of Nexus One. Images also show Android 2.1 OS running live on Nexus One. For those who don't know, Nexus One is Google's first branded cell phone, it operates on Android OS and hardware of cell phone has been provided by HTC. Have a look at following eye-catching photo gallery of Nexus One from Engadget.


We can spot few changes between Android 2.0.1 and Android 2.1 by viewing below Nexus One images, like improvement in home screen and 3D elements addition in app tray etc, but more or less both OS look quite similar.

Nexus One release is expected in early half of 2010, it will be sold online by Google through T-Mobile. Phone will be fully unlocked; means, it can be used with any carrier network.

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