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Google Nexus One Video Review

T-Mobile has now officially confirmed Google Phone aka Nexus One, Tmonews got their hands on an internal T-Mobile training doc for the upcoming Google Android Phone, so this pretty much clears any rumors about who will sell and support the product, as the documents clearly says that "The Nexus One will be sold solely by Google via the web, T-Mobile will provide the service and support/troubleshooting services will be provided by HTC", so now every one is just waiting for release of Nexus One, one lucky guy from PointGPhone happened to acquire a Nexus One phone during recent Google Conference, he shared couple of nice video reviews of Nexus One on youtube. Video author isn't a native English speaker, so the explanation in video might not sound well.

Nexus One Logo

This isn't a long video review, but it's in a little better camera quality than the previous ones we had, comparison of Nexus One with iPhone in terms of dimensions/size is also shown in the video.

This one demos the Nexus One camera.

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