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Google Nexus One Hands On

As the launch date of Google Nexus One is approaching, more details are emerging about it. Tnkgrl Mobile claims that she had a chance to has hands on with Nexus One/Google Phone, she shares quite a few details/specs about the device and its operation, most noticeable one is that Nexus One don't support multitouch, not atleast in the two apps she tried (Browser and Google Maps).

Nexus One Andriod Logo

Multitouch feature in Nexus One is little ambiguous, as both the hardware(HTC) and OS(Android) of phone fully support multitouch functionality, it's also possible that multitouch feature may or mayn't be available on handsets being sold in US, like Motorola released separate version of Motorola Driod for European countries and other countries, European version of Droid also don't support multitouch functionality.

Nexus One

She wasn't allowed to take pictures or make videos of Nexus One due to some agreement, but she sharesd following hardware specs of device she tested, specs look quite authentic.

- Nexus One is extremely thin, thinner than Droid and iPhone 3GS.
- Battery capacity is 1400 mAh
- Comes with 4GB microSD card as pre-installed.
- Capacitive OLED screen with almost the same size and resolution as the Moto Droid.
- 3G will work only on T-Mobile USA. No 3G on AT&T (EDGE only).
- It is unlocked. You can use it with any carrier you like.
- No multitouch in Browser and Maps, she confirmed.
- It appears to work faster than Motorola Droid.
- No dedicated physical key for camera.
- The trackball works almost exactly similar to other HTC phones like HTC Hero.

If you are interested in knowing more about Google Phone/Nexus One, please Visit Here. Nexus One is expected to be released on 5th Jan, 2010 with a price tag of US $199. We'll share more including unboxing of brand new Nexus One, as soon as it arrives in market.

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