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Motorola Milestone ROM for Multitouch in Droid Now Available for Download

Earlier, we shared that Motorola Milestone ROM is about to be released for Motorola Droid. Alpha version of ROM has just been released and is available for downloaded on AllDroid, this ROM will bring full multitouch functionality in it like zoom and tap functionality in browser, pictures and Google Maps. For those who don't know, Motorola Droid on Verizon US don't support multitouch functionality in most of the applications, although the hardware is fully capable of supporting multitouch. The reason behind this would most probably be some iPhone patents in US, as the European version of Motorola Droid named as Motorola Milestone fully supports multitouch functionality, just like iPhone.

Step wise instructions for Installing ROM on Motorola Droid given below:

Pre-Req: You must have SPRecovery-0.10.1 or higher installed, 0.11.1 or higher is strongly recommended.
Step-1: Download update from <url goes here> and unzip it to an empty directory on your computer. It contains the makings of a nandroid backup of just /system.
Step-2: Create the directory structure for the backup on your phone ("mkdir -p /sdcard/nandroid/console=ttyS2,115200n8/miledroid-rom" is a convenient way to do this)
Step-3: Use ADB to push system.tar and nandroid.md5 to the directory you just made. Its syntax is "adb push <local_path> <remote_path>"
Step-4: Create a nandroid backup by the method of your choice, either with the menu options in SPRecovery-0.11.1 or higher, or with " --backup --norecovery" in SPRecovery-0.10.1 or higher.
Step-5: Use nandroid to "restore" the "backup" of the multitouch: " --restore --subname miledroid-rom"
Step-6: Format /data, either by manually going in and removing all of its files or by running "format DATA:" from an ADB shell in recovery mode
Step-7: Reboot and enjoy the ROM!

There are some issues reported regarding GPS not working after installation of this aplha ROM, but AllDroid guys are working on it to sort this out. Please visit here for more details and downloading the RAM. For video demo of Moto Droid on Verizon with multitouch functionality, please visit here.

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