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Protect Your Jailbroken iPhone From Ikee.B Virus

Earlier we shared that Ikee.B virus/worm turned iPhones into botnet/zombies and infected thousands of iPhones users in different countries including Australia, Netherlands, Hungary, Portugal and Brazil. As per latest information shared by Mashable the malicious virus is spreading fast and also being referred as Ikee.B or Duh virus. The virus gives hacker complete access of content/information present on victim's iPhone, it then initiates a search for other vulnerable iPhone’s on the same network to spread itself further.

iPhone Ikee.B Virus

The only way to protect/secure your iPhone from Ikee.B virus now is to disable SSH and change default root password of your iPhones, the virus is only effecting those jailbroked iPhones which have SSH enabled with default username/password combination, so if you have a jailbroked iPhone, follow the step-by-step procedure given here to disable SSH/change default password of your iPhone.

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