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Next Generation iPhone 4G Coming? [New Concepts]

We've been hearing rumors about Apple's Next Generation iPhone called iPhone 4G lately, many social/tech news giants including Gizmodo, Mashable & TechCruch have confirmed this. There hasn't been a major hardware change in iPhone 2G to 3G/3GS transition but people are certainly anticipating some major hardware changes in iPhone 4G. Following are few snapshots/pictures of new iPhone 4G concepts.

iPhone 4G Concept

iPhone 4G Concept

iPhone 4G Concept

Image Credits: Gizmodo, The Gadgets

Waoo! All concepts look implausible! I think Apple should take some inspiration from these beautiful, enhanced & sleek concepts from iPhone geeks. Lauch of iPhone 4G is still a rumer, no official confirmation from Apple yet, but I think we would be hearing some good news soon! There would certainly be some major improvements in iPhone 4G like Multi-core Enhanced Speed Processor, Camera, Memory Enhancement and Design apart from software enhancements. Stay tuned for more updates on iPhone 4G, we will keep on sharing news/updated regarding iPhone 4G.

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