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Install Greasemonkey Scripts In Google Chrome Easily

Previously we shared a method through which you can use Greasemonkey scripts in Windows and Ubuntu (Linux) using Chromium which is an open source web browser on which Google Chrome is based. The hard part is that before using Gresemonkey scripts in Chromium you have to perform these 9 steps, but now you can easily install and use Greasemonkey scripts with just one click without following any long procedure by using Google Chrome Dev version [Developer Release].

All you need is to download and install Google Chrome Dev from here. After installation, in-order to use any Greasemonkey script all you need is to drag and drop *.user.js files in to any Chrome window or simply click on any Greasemonkey script link to want to install.

After clicking the script link you will see the installation warning in the Chrome toolstrip

Chrome Extensions Scripts Warning

Extensions and themes can harm your computer. Are you sure you want to continue? Yes / No

After clicking the yes button and you will see the "Confirm installation" dialog box. Click on the Install button to install the desired Greasemonkey script.

Confirm Installation

To Deactivate / Uninstall a Greasemonkey script, type the following command in address bar


After using the above command you will see the list of installed Greasemonkey scripts and extensions followed by deactivate and uninstall link.

Click here to install your first Greasemonkey script using the above procedure.

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