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Ikee.B Virus Turns iPhones into Zombies / Botnet

With increasing popularity of iPhone, the security/virus/worm threats to it are also increasing. This is the second time iPhone users are hit by a virus attack! First attempt was from a Dutch hacker who tried to access jailbroked iPhones via SSH & threatened iPhone users in his native country that their iphones are unsafe and are at risk to suspected danger which might be hacking or personal information breach. This time it's Ikee virus/worm by an Australian hacker, he managed to inject jailbroked iPhones having default SSH passwords with Ikee virus, however this time the virus isn't harming infected iPhones, rather it's using infected iPhones to deliver the Ikee virus to other iPhones, hence it starts a chain reaction infecting iPhone users indefinitely.

iPhone Ikee Virus

This virus is actually more dangerous and lethal than previous one, it actually converts your iPhone into a botnet. A botnet is a group of Internet computers that have been set up to forward spam or viruses to other computers on the Internet, and the owners of those computers are unaware of it. Computers/Mobiles of such type are also referred as zombies.

Ikee virus has already infected many iPhone users in Hungary, Portugal, Brazil and Netherlands. It gives hacker complete access of content/information present on victim's phone, it then initiates a search for other vulnerable iPhone’s on the same network to spread itself further, also it drains your iPhone's battery in the process. It's strongly recommended to disables SSH on your iPhones.

Please follow step-by-step process given here to disable SSH on your iPhones and change default root password your iPhone.

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