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How To Remove / Uninstall GoogleCrashHandler.exe?

GoogleCrashHandler is a software which restores your opened tabs and submits a crash report to Google whenever Google Chrome crashes. It is a part of Google Update software, so if you have Google Update software installed on your system, GoogleCrashHandler is supposed to run continuously as a background process. It is not recommended to uninstall or remove GoogleCrashHandler until it is using too much CPU power or memory.

It is recommended to use "End Process" option in Task Manager than to remove GoogleCrashHandler permanently. If you still want to remove GoogleCrashHandler then go to the following path and find GoogleCrashHandler.exe

C:\Documents and Settings\[Your Username]\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Update\

Where x depends upon the version of Google Updater you have installed. Please note that before deleting GoogleCrashHandler.exe you must "End Task" it from Task Manager. Simple press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and right click on GoogleCrashHandler.exe and choose "End Task".

I removed GoogleCrashHandler because i was facing problem in playing YouTube videos in Google Chrome, so after removing GoogleCrashHandler there were no further problems.

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    Phyl6 years, 10 months ago

    The only way you can get rid of it after you’ve stopped the services, is ctrl/alt/del and right click on google crash handler and highlight “End Tree Process” enter, in the Task Manager.  It interferes when you’re doing stuff online, and you can feel the interference, so you ctrl/alt/del and you will see it in the Task Manager. Could be imbedded in the processor, or the ram, it’s embedded somewhere, it’s a nuisance. :(

    Johnny Decker7 years ago

    Google will reinstate this file even if you delete it.  It’s like a virus.  You need to create a schedule in task manager so that when it want to start up, task manager stops it in its tracks.  The best solution I have found is not to have anything to do with Google in the first place.

    tala8 years, 10 months ago

    lame solution… after reboot …