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Block Ads / Adblock Plus For Google Chrome

Adblock Plus is one of the most famous add-ons of Mozilla Firefox for blocking advertisements and now it also supports Google Chrome / Chromium and is available for download. Like in Mozilla Firefox, you can easily configure, edit filters and subscribe to a ad-block filter list in Google Chrome. Moreover you can also block similar elements by pressing Alt+B and clicking on the respective element you want to block.

How To Use Adblock Plus In Google Chrome

All you need to have is Google Chrome Dev version which you can download from here. After downloading and installing Chrome Dev version, download Adblock Plus for Google Chrome and install it [Download AdblockPlus.CRX]. After installation you will see AdBlock+ icon beside the address bar. Click and select "Preferences"

Chrome Adblock Plus Icon

Choose the list you want to subscribe and check box named "use blocking rules"

Adblock Plus Options

Restart Google Chrome and you are done!. Do mention in comments if you faced any difficulty in installing Adblock Plus in Google Chrome.

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    Phil12 years ago

    The real Chrome AdBlock is here:

    Actually does what it says on the tin.

    JacksOff12 years ago

    This is not adblock plus from firefox. it is not even close. it hides things, does not block them. you need to try harder lamers.