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Now Use Twitter Lists To Organize People You Follow

Today Twitter team added a new BETA! feature known as Twitter Lists. Twitter Lists allows you to manage people you follow by adding them to the particular list they belong. Twitter lists can be public as well as private. Anyone can subscribe to your public list where as only you can access to your private list.

List URL will be Simply go to to add people you follow to the lists you have created.

Ok. Now whats the advantage of the Twitter Lists? For example you are doing a job and you want to view all tweets by your co-workers only. All you need is to create a list named "Office" and add all of your office mates to it. Simply go to and it will filter out all tweets by your office mates. All tweets from people who are not present in the list will not be shown to you.

How to find out on which list you are listed?

Although this feature resembles to the Friends List feature of Facebook but yet Twitter used it in its own cool and effective way.

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