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Google Android 2.0 OS Released [Video]

Google is certainly broadening its horizon from search engine domain, "Android 2.0" operating system has just been unveiled by Google. Android is an open source operating system, developers and programmers are continuously working and developing new applications on this platform, you may go here for more details.

Google Android 2.0
"Android 2.0" is an upgraded version, which comes with no.of enhancements and new utilities including YouTube widget, Improved Camera, Improved Browsing Speed, Integration with Facebook Account, improved virtual keyboard and a lot more. You can click here and visit Android 2.0 Developers page for complete information.

Android 2.0 has already been featured in Motorola's new smart phone called "Driod", click here for comparison between Motorola Droid and iPhone 3GS we shared earlier.

Google has also released an official promotion video of Google Android 2.0, it shows all new ad-ons in Android 2.0.

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