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Download Firefox 3.5.4 For Windows, Mac And Linux

Mozilla has just announced the new Firefox version 3.5.4 fixing several security and stability issues. As mentioned earlier, Firefox 3.5.x is ten times faster then Firefox 2 as it is equipped with powerful TraceMonkey JS engine. Now you can watch videos and listen to audio media without installing any addition plugins like in older versions of Firefox.

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Tidbit : Click here to learn how to upgrade to Firefox 3.5.4 in Ubuntu-Linux

Firefox 3.5.4 fixes the following issues:

  1. Several security issues.
  2. Fixed several stability issues.
  3. Added the ability to re-submit crash reports.
  4. After using Clear Recent History some SSL sites would not load all images and styles without pressing reload.

Please see the complete list of changes in this version.
Fixed in Firefox 3.5.4

Download Mozilla Firefox 3.5.4 for Windows
Download Mozilla Firefox 3.5.4 for Mac OS X
Download Mozilla Firefox 3.5.4 for Linux

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