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Apple Launches New iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook And Magic Mouse

We shared a news earlier that Apple is about to unveil its new set of hardware, well the rumor turned out in a news when Apple's online store went down today for a while and came back with images/details of stunning new iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook and Magic Mouse! All products are with some new features and slight modifications in designs, you can find all details about new hardware on Apple Store, we'll just discuss highlights of new hardware here.

New iMAC

New iMac 09
New iMAC comes with 16:9 display in either 21.5" or 27" size, new iMAC is with better RAM and processing speed as it has uses Intel Core i5 or i7. Price of new 21.5" iMac starts at $1199 US. Video demonstration of new iMAC could be found here.

New MacBook

New Macbook 2009
Most prominent highlight of New MacBook is its 7-hours battery backup on a single charge, its a great feature! Also MacBook comes in a new design now, well we liked the new design 50/50, it could have been better but it's not bad at all. It also has faster processor and larger hard drive. Price of new MacBook is still $999 US.

New Magic Mouse

Apple New Magic Mouse
Apple's new Magic Mouse is world’'s first multi-touch mouse, yeah it's a bluetooth mouse with multi-touch top surface and the mouse itself is the button. It operates close to the way we operate iPhone. It comes with new iMAC and available separately as well for $69. Video demonstration of magic mouse could be found here.

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    Best Web Design USA10 years, 10 months ago

    Apple doesn’t care about specs they only care about selling you crappy foxconn hardware in a shiny case but people buy into it so they can’t be too bad.