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Working Greasemonkey Scripts In Google Chrome

All the latest builds of Chromium now supports Gresemonkey Scripts. The Greasemonkey support for Google Chrome has been contributed by Aaron Boodman, the creator of the Greasemonkey extension for Mozilla Firefox, who happens to work at Google. Still Greasemonkey engine of Chromium is capable of running basic Greasemonkey scripts. This page is about all useful Greasemonkey that we found working in Chromium. We have already shared a small tutorial about how you can configure your Chromium for Greasemonkey scripts.

Please note that all scripts in the list are tested in Chromium and its understood that they will also work in Mozilla FireFox.

Linking is as follows: Review | Download Zip @ | Download Script Page At

  1. Favicons for Google Reader | Direct Download Link | At
  2. Automatically decorates the Google Reader subscription list with icons corresponding to the website from which each feed originates. This replicates an effect currently available in other feed-readers such as Bloglines.

  3. Nested Twitter Replies | Direct Download Link | At
  4. Adds nested replies to every Twitter conversation thread. Nested Twitter Replies looks for the phrase "in reply to [user]" and recursively gets all replies to display the conversation thread as a nested block.

  5. Flickr Link To Original Image | Direct Download Link | At
  6. This User Script looks for thumbnail images from Flickr. Links these images to their original uploaded (full size) versions by adding an icon on top of thumbnail images. This also works for any page where thumbnails are displayed directly from the Flickr servers.

  7. Fuck Off! Facebook | Direct Download Link | At
  8. What it basically do is that it turns text on all buttons with "Ignore" label to "Fuck Off!". There is no particular advantage of this script as its just made for fun.

  9. Google Image Search Direct Links | Direct Download Link | At
  10. Just like Flickr Link To Original Image, Google Link To Original Image is another time saving Greasemonkey script through which you can easily get direct links to images in Google image search results.

Please do let us know if you have found any other Greasemonkey script in Google Chrome or if you have written any small tutorial it. Do share its link with us. We will add your link to our post plus this page will be updated momentarily.

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