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New iPod Nano Shoots Video And Plays Radio!

Apple has unveiled new iPod Nano at Apple Event. New iPod Nano was no doubt major highlight of the event. New nano brings two major enhancements in it i-e it can shoot video and play Radio! Both are highly demanded features.

Highlights of New iPod Nano

  1. Video camera (640x480)
  2. Integrated Mic
  3. Integrated Speaker
  4. FM Radio!!!!! That you can pause!! And iTunes tag!
  5. One-click YouTube uploads (through your computer)
  6. Voice Over like Shuffle
  7. Pedometer with Nike+ syncing online
  8. Voice Recorder
  9. 2.2-inch screen that's .2 inches larger than last model
  10. Available in seven elegant colors

It still doesn’t have CAMERA! I hope Apple has it on iPod’s Roadmap. Never the less, new nano is certainly more tempting then before.

Regarding price, the 8GB nano will cost $150 while the 16GB comes in at $180 (so why we need to by 8GB, go for 16GB!)

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