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Microsoft's Courier Dual Multitouch Tablet Coming

Yes, the news is IN! Gizmodo just unveiled details of Microsoft's under developed Multitouch Tablet called Dual Multitouch Tablet - COURIER. How could have Microsoft stayed behind after rumors of Apple's Touch Screen Tablet :)

Microsoft Courier

Courier certainly looks astonishing. As per Gizmodo, it's more of a booklet than a tablet. It contains a dual 7 Inch screens with multitouch capabilities, both stylus or fingers could be used to operate it, and it has characteristics of a notebook i-e both screens flip together and close like a notebook. Also Courier comes with a camera at its back.

The project was kept hidden by Microsoft till now, but it looks that Microsoft is now considering user-experience by showing Courier's design concepts to outside world. We will have to wait and see when Microsoft would be able to unleash this beauty, I can comment with indemnity that Microsoft's Courier would be huge hit if it works as explained. In addition to this, Microsoft would certainly earn an added advantage if it releases Courier earlier than Apple's rumored "MacBook Touch".

Few more images of Courier:

Microsoft Courier
Microsoft Courier

Keep visiting for more updates, we would unwrap more findings about Courier soon!

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