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Install Chromium & Extensions / Plugins In Ubuntu Linux

In order to use Google chrome plugins / extensions you must install Chromium in Ubuntu (Linux). Previously we discussed how you can install Google Chrome on your Ubuntu in one step. This time here is a step by step procedure to install Chromium on Ubuntu (Linux) followed by a step by step procedure to install and use Chromium plugins and extensions in Ubuntu (Linux).

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Chromium Ubuntu (Linux)

Chromium Ubuntu (Linux)

  1. First you have to edit sources.list file and thats very simple. Just type the following command to open sources.list file
  2. sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

  3. Now add the following two lines of code anywhere in the file as shown in the screenshot
  4. If Ubuntu 9.04:

    deb jaunty main
    deb-src jaunty main

    If Ubuntu 8.10:

    deb intrepid main
    deb-src intrepid main

    Sources.list (-etc-apt) - gedit

    Sources.list (-etc-apt) - gedit

  5. Now you have to add GPG [GNU Privacy Guard] key. Use this command to add this key
  6. sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver 0xfbef0d696de1c72ba5a835fe5a9bf3bb4e5e17b5

  7. Last step before installing chromium is to update the source list
  8. sudo apt-get update

  9. Final step is the installation of Chromium by the following command
  10. sudo apt-get install chromium-browser

Opening in Chromium

Chromium Installed On Ubuntu

Chromium Installed On Ubuntu

Complete Terminal History For Chromium Installation [Download Image]

Click here for a step by step procedure to install Chromium extensions on Ubuntu Linux.

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