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How To Install Google Chrome (Chromium) Extensions / Plugins In Ubuntu – Linux

Yes, this is the very first tutorial on web which will teach you how you can install and use Google Chrome (Chromium) plugins / extensions in Ubuntu (Linux). Previously we shared a small tutorial about how you can install Google Chrome plugins / extensions in Microsoft Windows. Google Chrome extensions comes in CRX format and you have to give a command line argument to enable them both in Windows and in Ubuntu. But the procedure of adding command line argument [--enable-extensions] in Ubuntu is bit tricky. Here is a step by step procedure through which you can use Chromium extensions in Ubuntu (Linux).

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Follow these simple steps to enable Google Chrome extensions in Ubuntu

  1. Install Chromium in Ubuntu.
  2. After you have installed Chromium, navigate to Applications-> Internet->Chromium Web Browser
  3. Add Chromium To Desktop

    Add Chromium To Desktop

  4. Right-click and choose Add this launcher to desktop
  5. Now on desktop right click on Chromium icon and choose Properties
  6. Choose Chromium Properties

    Choose Chromium Properties

  7. In Command text box add --enable-extensions or copy-paste the command below
  8. chromium-browser %U --enable-extensions

    Chromium Web Browser Properties

    Chromium Web Browser Properties

  9. Click close button
  10. Now run Chromium by a double-click on its icon on your desktop
  11. Next step is to install an extension. Suppose we want to install GMail extension in Chromium
  12. Click here [GMail CRX] in your Chromium window and it will ask you to confirm whether you want to install this extension or not?
  13. Confirm Installation

    Confirm Installation

    Optional Step:
    You may even choose to download CRX by right clicking on the above link and choose Save Link As... and later you may simply drag the CRX extension in your Chromium window

    Save File

    Save File

  14. Now restart Chromium and you will notice to GMail extension icon at the bottom of the Chromium window
Gmail Extension Installed On Ubuntu

Gmail Extension Installed On Ubuntu (Click To Enlarge)

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