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How To Get Full Screenshot Of Any Webpage For Free?

If you want to capture full-length screenshot of a webpage in one go then WebShot is a FREE utility that can help you to save webpages in high resolution JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF format. Sometimes its not possible to display complete webpage in your screen in one go because its length/width is exceeding your monitor's max resolution, so you have to scroll down and take screenshot again and again. WebShot will automate this process and will provide you with the single high resolution screenshot at the end.

WebShot is a single EXE file of only 129 kb and it is portable.

Follow these simple steps to get started.

  1. Download Portable WebShot
  2. Extract and run WebShot.exe
  3. Now enter your desired URL in URL text box
  4. WebShot Configuration

  5. Press Save As button and choose Save as type e-g Bitmap
  6. Click the Start button
  7. Click here to see the screenshot for

Check out these examples:

SlashdotClub977CNetGizmodo MTV

WebShot is also useful when you are customizing the background of your twitter profile as this software allows you to captures screenshots in wide variety of resolutions. This helps you to see how your twitter profile looks in high or low resolution display units so that you may alter it for the best resolution.

Download [124 kb]

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