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Google Chrome Whos.Amung.Us Plugin / Extension

Yup, now you can keep track of your online users using plugin / extension in Google Chrome. The advantage of this extension is that you can see number of online users at your website on toolstrip even when you are browsing other websites.

There is already one Firefox extension available but no one made an extension for Google Chrome. So i thought to make it myself. For those who are unsure about service, is an online live counter of your peple visiting your site. It helps you to known about country, IP, time and other useful information about any person visiting your website.

How To Create Google Chrome Extension For

  1. Create a file and name it "manifest.json" (without quotes). You may use notepad for this purpose.
  2. Copy and paste the following data in it
  3. {
    "name": "Chrome extension by",
    "author": "Jaxov",
    "version": "1.0",
    "description": "Keep track of online users on your website / blog",
    "toolstrips": [

  4. Now create an HTML file and name it "jaxov.html" (without quotes). You may use notepad for this purpose too
  5. <div onclick="'')">
    <span><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><script type="text/javascript">WAU_small('rganc8vcqnrf')</script></span>

  6. Create a empty directory on desktop and name it "jaxov" (without quotes)
  7. Put these two files i-e jaxov.html and manifest.json in jaxov directory
  8. Open Google Chrome (Assuming that you have configured it to run extensions / plugins)
  9. In Address bar type chrome://extensions/
  10. Now click on the Load unpacked extension button and select jaxov folder from your desktop.

What you have to do?

  1. Download and extract it on your desktop
  2. Open jaxov.html with Notepad
  3. Replace my key with your key rganc8vcqnrf with your key
  4. Click save button and proceed onwards from step 6
  5. Thats it. Your done. Feel free to ask any question

Thanks to this tutorial which helped me to create such a useful extension

Update : Google Chrome Official Whos.Amung.Us Extension Available For Download

Good news guys. Nanobyte have already created a full fledged Google Chrome extension which support multiple Whos.Amung.Us accounts with auto-refresh option.

Click here to download and install Whos.Amung.Us.crx | Official Page

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    how can i get the key, anybody plz

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    wow thanks that worked

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    How do you get then count to update?

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    It’s ok I figured it out :)

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    Thanks so much for the extension.

    How can you monitor more than one account? I have 4 sites that I’d like to track.