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F*ck Off! Facebook – Funny Greasemonkey Script

In simple words this Gresemonkey script is for all those who are f*cked up with hundreds of Facebook requests each day. What it basically do is that it turns text on all buttons with "Ignore" label to "F*ck Off!". There is no particular advantage of this script as its just made for fun. We just shared it because we found this one working in Google Chrome.

Tidbit : Click here for all working Greasemonkey scripts we tested in Google Chromium

Facebook Before Using Greasemonkey Script

Facebook After Using Greasemonkey Script

How to Install In Google Chrome?

  1. Download F* and extract F*ckFacebook.user.js from it.
  2. If you haven’t configured Chromium for Greasemonkey scripts then Click here for a detailed tutorial of how you can use Greasemonkey scripts in Google Chromium.
  3. After configuring Chromium for Greasemonkey scripts, place F*ckFacebook.user.js in your chrome User Scripts directory.
  4. Restart Chromium and you will see the script in action.
  5. I haved tested this script in Google Chromium and its working 100% fine.

How to Install in Mozilla Firefox?

  1. Install Greasemonkey Firefox addon from here.
  2. Restart Mozilla Firefox
  3. Download F* and extract F*ckFacebook.user.js from it.
  4. Drag F*ckFacebook.user.js into any Firefox window.
  5. Greasemonkey will ask you to install the script. Click Install button.

Ur done.
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Programming is just like a poetry. Some are damn serious about it and some do programming just for fun :)

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