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Download Portable Google Chrome For Ubuntu (Linux)

Yes, now you can use portable Google Chrome in Ubuntu Linux also just like Windows. In Windows it was based on a simple EXE file and one can launch Google Chrome by a simple double-click on the file, however in Ubuntu there is a .RUNZ file which also launches Google Chrome on a double-click. There is no need of any installation via Package Installer. All you need is to download Portable Chrome .RUNZ and start using it.

RUNZ Frame Work (Prerequisite To All Portable Apps In Ubuntu)

By default Ubuntu don't supports .RUNZ file, so you have to install RUNZ Framework in order to run any Portable Application on Ubuntu. Once RUNZ Framework has been installed, you may open any portable app on Ubuntu Linux via simple double-click.

Download Links

Download RUNZ Framework [Used to open .RUNZ file]
Download Portable Google Chrome [.RUNZ file] [Check latest versions of portable apps from here]

After downloading both of them, install RUNZ frame work via Package installer and restart your system. Right-click and choose Open with "RUNZ Framework" or double-click on Portable Google Chrome.runz and it will launch Google Chrome web browser.

Open Portable Chrome

Portable Google Chrome Working In Ubuntu

Please note that we also shared proper ways to install Google Chrome and Chromium in Ubuntu via terminal. So it you don't want portable version better look for these tutorials.

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