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Download And Backup All Flickr Photos And Sets At Once

What if Flickr suspend your account without informing you? You might loose a number of your precious photos on Flickr. So its always advisable to save all of your Flickr photos to your local hard disk. FlickrDown is a handy software which will help you to download all of your Flickr photo sets at once. It will create a separate folder on your hard disk for each photo set and will preserve the original filenames and description of the photos.

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Follow these simple steps to backup all of your Flickr photos:

  1. Download FlickrDown [Direct | Mirror]
  2. Extract and install FlickrDown on your local hard disk.
  3. Run FlickrDown and click on the "Authorize" button, you will be redirected to Flickr website and will be asked to enter your yahoo username and password.
  4. FlickrDown Main Window

    FlickrDown Main Window

  5. To make sure that this is a genuine request, you must click on the NEXT on the right side [Marked Red]
  6. Choose Options [On Flickr]

    Choose Options - On Flickr

  7. After successful authorization, you will receive the following message
  8. Authorization Success

    Authorization Success

  9. Now get back to the FlickrDown software and click on the Complete Authorization button.
  10. Complete Authorization

    Complete Authorization

  11. Now enter your yahoo E-mail address and choose e-mail from the radio buttons.
  12. FlickrDown Main Window Ready

    FlickrDown Main Window Ready

  13. Click on the Lookup button and FlickrDown will provide you with a list of all sets you have created in your Flickr account even if they are private. If you have not created any set on your Flickr account then choose [*All Photos*], probably the last check box in the list.
  14. Click Browse button and choose destination.
  15. Click on the Download button to begin download.
  16. Download In Progress

    Download In Progress

  17. Now sit back and wait for the download to complete.

As a blogger i found FlickrDown as one of the most useful software because in case Flickr suspend my account due to any reason or if Flickr server goes down for a while, i should have a backup of all my photos on my local hard disk.

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