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Backup Your Facebook And Flickr Albums Through Fotobounce

It is always advisable to backup your Facebook and Flickr Albums as no one knows about the sudden change in their policies regarding account termination etc. But unfortunately both Facebook and Flickr don't provide the facility to backup your albums at once. Well if they don't then Fotobounce do :D. Fotobounce is equipped with very intelligent face recognition algorithm i-e it can tag your photos automatically by recognizing your face on photos plus you can download your Facebook and Flickr photos with just one click.

Tidbit : Download And Backup All Flickr Photos And Sets At Once

Fotobounce is a Freeware and it is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X.

Downloading all photos of your friends is now just one click away.

You can easily upload your photos from Desktop.

Downloading photos from Facebook and Flickr is its one feature of Fotobounce. Here is a brief list of its main features.

  1. Identify and tag family & friends
  2. Built in face recognition
  3. Organize your photos into albums
  4. Facebook and Flickr integration
  5. View photos from your mobile device
  6. Easy-to-use drag & drop interface

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