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Download Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2 For Windows, Mac OS X And Linux

Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2 has been released with several security issues and image rendering problems fixed. You can see the list of all bugs fixed in this release at bugzilla. Even though you will receive a request to update Firefox to 3.5.2 within 48 hours, however we strongly recommend you to update manually now to save yourself from making any unintentional security compromise.

Mozilla FirefoxAs discussed earlier, the new version of Firefox is 10 times more faster than Firefox 2 as it includes a powerful new TraceMonkey JavaScript engine. With new version you can watch video and listen audio content within your Firefox browser without any need of plugins which you used to install in the older versions. It ensures to protect your privacy online and provide you with a great control of your personal data.

How To Update From Firefox 3.5.1 to Firefox 3.5.2

  1. Click on Help in the menu and then choose Check for updates...
  2. Help - Check For Updates

  3. Click on the update Firefox button
  4. Update Available

  5. Update procedure will take maximum five minutes.
  6. Updating Firefox

Download Complete Setup File For Firefox 3.5.2

In case you haven't installed Mozilla Firefox then its recommended to download the most latest version depending upon your Operating System from the links given below.

Download Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2 - Microsoft Windows
Download Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2 - Mac OS X
Download Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2 - Linux

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