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Best Greasemonkey Script For YouTube [Must Try]

There are number of Greasemonkey scripts for YouTube, some provide you with the download function, some enhances the video quality and some attach different video controls to the videos. However i found an interesting and very useful script known as YouTube Enhancer which will really enhance your YouTube experience by providing all these functionalities within one package. With YouTube Enhancer you are actually in control of everything i-e from video size to quality to playback control and of course YouTube HD Video Download.

You can enable cinema mode which will darken the rest of the page expect the video portion. Check the screenshot below.

Youtube Enhancer - Cinema Mode

Video Controls Explained

One of the most useful feature i liked is "Loop". Looping will replay video automatically when the playback will be finished. This feature is very useful when you want to listen some song more than once. You don't need to click the play button again and again after the video playback is finished. "Step Back" and "Step Forward" buttons are used to display the previous and next frame of the video respectively.

Controls And Resolution Settings

You can also download videos in a variety of video formats. Videos can be viewed in variety of resolutions 320x240, 480x360, 960x640, 1024x768, BEST, MAX and Full Screen. Moreover you can watch video in low quality (YT-LQ), high quality (YT-HQ) and high definition (YT-HD) depending upon the speed of your internet connection.

Quality Playback Options

BulbWhen you are in cinema mode [Click the bulb], the control buttons start to glow which looks very cool.

Glowing Control Buttons

How To Install YouTube Enhancer Greasemonkey Script

  1. Download Mozilla Firefox if you still don't have it.
  2. Download Greasemonkey addon for Mozilla Firefox
  3. Click YouTube Enhancer and your done..!!!

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