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Use Email To Upload Photos On Facebook

In a clever move to win the hearts of the users who don't own high-end devices like the iPhone and Blackberry, Facebook has released a new feature that allows users to upload photos via email.

It means that now you no longer need to be jealous of your friend who uploads photos to his Facebook account all the time through iPhone, because if your phone has email, you can do it too.

Facebook Email Upload

This new feature pretty much follows the same mantra that goes around for all photo-sharing services, that is, send the photos as an email attachment to a personalized (and highly weird!) email address on Facebook and the photos will be upload to your account with the subject line of the email being converted to the caption of the photo. The same method applies to posting/uploading videos through mobile too.

To get your personalized email address for posting photos/videos to Facebook through email, visit the Facebook mobile page.

As much as we believe that Facebook has joined the game pretty late, we also appreciate the efforts and thank Facebook for saving our MMS costs.

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