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Twitter Launches New Sleek Homepage

Twitter has finally rolled out a new homepage which you can see if you are not logged in into your twitter account. The new version is simply renovation of the previous homepage of twitter. Now you can search people status as well as you can notice the trending topics by the minute, hour and day right from the new homepage.

Twitter BirdThese days twitter administration is doing significant changes to twitter, some days ago Twitter wiped out many spam accounts and now they came up with a new homepage. The most important feature of the new homepage is search. Now people are not registered on Twitter can also do search as well as they can see the trending topics.

Also if you click on any popular topic from the homepage, you can see a valid reason on the top of the search results of why this topic is being featured. This feature is quite good because sometimes quite a few trending topics seem to make no sense on the surface. Seems twitter is generating these descriptions with the help of third-party service like What The Trend?

As far as Twitter’s UI and functionality is changed its not changed for those who are logged in. This is simply part of Twitter’s goal to make the service more accessible and obvious to new users, as well as increase engagement, and the use of search/trends. The bigger goal is to make it easier for businesses to use Twitter, which will allow the service to finally make some money.

Find screenshots below of both the new main page and the old version. As well as what the new main page search results look like.

Twitter New Homepage

Twitter Old Homepage

Twitter Search


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