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Top 5 Unusual iPhone Apps

No doubt iPhone alone is an awesome device but its the phenomenal App Store which made this device revolutionary by providing thousands of its developers the facility to explore and transform this device with their creativity. There are over 35,000 iPhone apps in App Store and over 1 billion downloads.

Some of the iPhone apps are extremely useful and some of them are useless, here is a list of top 5 cool and unusual iPhone apps that don't fall in either category. So here’s a list with the video of each app so that it might be easy for you to decide whether to buy one or not.

Top 5 Unusual iPhone Apps


iMouse is a call alert application. Whenever you have an incoming call, a little naughty mouse appears, knocks at the screen and shouts “Hey! Haaaay!! ‘knock knock’ Please answer your phone”. It is a pretty cool application which you will love to have with you not only at fun times but it will also release stress in your office.

4-Voice Keyboard

Voice keyboard is a piano keyboard which plays sounds recorded by you. You record any sound and the keys are automatically programmed according to it. Tap the keys to play cool sounds. If you have still a little kid hidden inside, then this iPhone App will keep that child awake all the time.

3-iPhone X-Ray App

It is an iPhone app which uses the iPhone camera to work as an X-Ray machine. Start the app and see your body’s bones right on your iPhone screen.


iSteam is an iPhone app which makes the iPhone’s screen look like a fogged mirror. Swipe your finger on the screen to clean the fog or align your iPhone to see the falling droplets. The most amazing thing about this app is that if you blow on the screen of your iPhone, the steam appears again!


And the best one is iFire. Light a match stick and set your iPhone’s screen on fire. Its not just a visual effect, but it seems very realistic because the screen burns down when you set it on fire with a real burning matchstick.

Still if you think that some other iPhone apps are more cool than these, then please do share them with us in comments :)

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