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Smart Antivirus – Best Way To Remove Viruses From USB Sticks

Plugging USB sticks into your PC is always risky because of the autorun feature of windows. If you haven't disabled windows autorun service and your USB stick also infected with a virus then your system is in trouble. Here is a small program made in Visual Basic known as "Smart Antivirus" which will automatically remove viruses from USB sticks as soon as they are plugged in.

Smart Antivirus is not a complete Antivirus. It is only made for the purpose of removing some particular viruses and their after effects. The removal of after effects of the viruses is a feature that is unique to this product. After effects include disabling of Task Manager,Registry Editor etc.

Here are some features of Smart Antivirus

Automatically Removes Viruses from USB Sticks

The most important feature of Smart Antivirus is that it runs in your system tray and as soon as you plug in a usb drive it scans it for a virus. In case a virus is found, it removes it automatically and intimates you. It automatically searches for autorun.inf files in all drives and removes them if they are programmed to run a malware etc. Smart Antivirus is smart enough to detect and delete a well known virus "New Folder.exe"

Smart Antivirus - Tray Mode

Manual Scan

You can manually delete autorun.inf files from USB sticks or you can also scan a drive or a specific folder for viruses.
Smart Antivirus - Main

Removal of After Effects of the Viruses

Sometimes viruses disable your Task Manager, Run, Registry Editor, Folder Options etc.. No worries, Smart Antivirus can

  • Enable Run
  • Enable Registry Editor
  • Enable Command Prompt
  • Enable Folder Options
  • Disable Autoplay on all drives
  • Restore All folder Option settings

Restore Settings

I must say, even if you have got the best antivirus software, you should keep this small program always running in your tray because sometimes even best antivirus fails to detect a virus from USB sticks. Smart Antivirus is merely 370 KB in size and most of all its free.
No Virus Found

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    If you are having issues running virus scanners whilst your computer is turned on, try to start into ‘Safe Mode’.

    If you’re using a version of Windows, you’ll be able to do this. (Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7)

    Safe Mode:
    Turn computer off
    Turn computer on whilst tapping F8. When prompted select ‘safe mode with networking’
    When prompted, click Yes & start into Windows as normal.

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