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Microsoft To Announce An App Store Named OneApp

An interesting trademark application unearthed by Long Zheng suggests that Microsoft might be working on a new platform and content distribution system for its mobile devices. While Long believes it to be an AppStore for Zune HD, I think it just might be a re-branding of the Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

Zune HD AppStore

Microsoft has been going through a recent re-branding process, like Bing for example - which is essentially Live Search with improvements, or on a greater scale, Windows 7 which is "Vista done right".

And if wild guesses count, I'd say that the new product would mean a unified Application Distribution System spread across a host of other platforms that would also include Windows Phones.

Here is a description of the intended product:

Computer software for allowing mobile device users to send messages, make payments and access and play music, games and videos on mobile devices; Computer software platforms for developing mobile applications; Computer software, namely, software development tools for the creation of mobile applications; Computer software for running retail store site for purchase and download of mobile applications over wireless networks.

As always, only time would tell what the actual service would be, but I'd suggest that you keep your eyes (and Twitter Search) open for Microsoft OneApp now. [via Sizlopedia]

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