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Microsoft Got Plans For a Windows 7 Family Pack?

Even though Microsoft boasts 90% of the OS market share with Windows, it still lags behind Apple in a number of offers that add more to the user-experience, Family Pack license being the most important of them all. Unlike Apple, Microsoft does not offer Family Pack licenses to its users but a recent evaluation suggests that Microsoft may want to change this habit starting with Windows 7.

Windows 7 Family Pack

According to the license agreement for one of the latest builds of Windows 7 Home Premium, users will now be allowed to install the OS with the same license on as many as three computers. Clause stated below:

If you are a ‘Qualified Family Pack User’, you may install one copy of the software marked as ‘Family Pack’ on three computers in your household for use by people who reside there.

Now this is definitely is good news for the consumers and also provides them with another reason to choose Windows 7 and purchase it, though the offer still doesn't come up to the mark like Apple's which allows users to install the same OS with a Family Pack license on as many as five computers.

Previously! Microsoft offered a similar Family Pack license for users who purchased Windows Vista Ultimate but later on, the offer was phased out.

However this time, Microsoft wants to turn this offer into something that users would really look forward to, though it will be limited to users within a single household and will not be offered to any business or for any commercial use. [via Sizlopedia]

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