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How To Disable USB Autorun To Save Your Computer From USB Viruses?

No doubt most of the viruses these days comes from the USB sticks as compared to worms that effect your system via internet. Windows firewall is an important factor which keeps your system safe from many trojans and viruses, however windows firewall is not that much effective to protect your system from viruses that comes from USB sticks or external HDD.

Most of the USB viruses use the autorun feature of the windows which do not require any user confirmation and runs in background. The best way to save your system from trojans and viruses is to disable the autorun feature of windows. Here is a step by step procedure to Disable Windows Autorun Feature.


Here is a small Visual Basic Program to delete Autorun.inf files from your USB stick automatically. Must Try

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Click Start button, then choose Run OR simply use [Windows Logo + R] shortcut.
  2. Start Menu Run

  3. Now type "gpedit.msc" in the Open text field without quotes, hit Enter key.
  4. Type Gpedit.msc

  5. Now navigate to User Configuration --> System --> Turn off Autoplay
  6. Double-Click on Turn off Autoplay
  7. Group Policy

  8. Choose "Enabled" Radio button
  9. In Turn off Autoplay On: drop-down list choose All drives
  10. Turn Off AutoPlay Properties

  11. Hit Ok botton, Ur Done.

Now your computer is safe from all kind of viruses and trojans who uses autorun feature of windows.

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