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Google Apps No Longer Free

Google Apps is a suite of online applications like gmail, Google calendar, Google Docs, etc. that are packaged and tailored for business use. But now Google Apps are no longer free. When the service first launched in August 2006 it was free and described as “A service available at no cost to organizations of all shapes and sizes” But now you have to pay $30/user/year after a 30 days free trial. Well you are lucky if you signed up for Google Apps before today, because the new policy is applicable to all new signups.

Google Apps

What are Google Applications?

Google applications are web applications (often called web apps) accessed with a web browser over the Internet. Many Google Apps provide teachers and students, organizations communication, productivity and collaboration tools that were free [No more free] to use with a registered Google Account. Using Google Docs for example, anyone can access their account, create a document and save their work directly online from any Internet ready computer in the world.

Dave Girouard, Google’s President of Enterprise, commented about decreasing the number of users allowed for the free version that the cap reductions were needed to keep resellers happy, adding “There’s no reason to believe that the cap will continue to “move down” - we have no plans whatsoever to do that”.

You can actually still see the free version at this page. But it doesn’t appear to be linked to from any Google page at this point.

The old version of Google Apps had a comparison chart of the Standard and Premier versions that looked like this:
Google Apps Comparison

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