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Download Videos From MegaVideo

Everyone knows that YouTube has a serious competitor in the Internet market and its none other than MegaVideo. MegaVideo claims to beat YouTube with its new set of features and services. This service will let you make money online by just uploading and sharing videos and is itself a complete repository of online videos just like YouTube. Though MegaVideo is far from beating YouTube but people have already started using it to share great videos but the problem is that you cannot download MegaVideo videos unless you are a premium member.

Download Videos From MegaVideo

MegaVideo Logo

However with this little trick bought to you by HelloGiri you can easily download and save MegaVideo videos to your computer and watch them offline whenever you like.

  • Open your MegaVideo video in your browser and let it load fully
  • After you are done watching the video online, go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Settings -> View Files (For IE)
  • Now you will get a large size file with long name and unknown type there
  • Copy and paste that file at desktop, this file is the video file in flv format
  • Rename it with flv extension, say e.g. MyMega.flv

I have tested the trick myself and it works great. See the screen below to get an idea what the file looks like and where to look for it (I tested the trick on Internet Explorer)


  • Download and use FLV Player as you will be needing it to watch the downloaded videos.
  • Remember to close all browsers and applications while trying to copy the video file.

Make sure you perform this trick using Internet Explorer and not Firefox. For Firefox users, they will have to manually themselves locate the Temporary Internet Files folder in order to get this trick to work.

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    Andy10 years, 2 months ago

    Thanks for sharing.
    i also find it good to use
    It’s totally free and easy to download.

    jasongabrilla12 years, 3 months ago

    don’t bother, the browser cache means you have to wait for a long time to load the whole video by browser. certainly you must click the pause button to wait, as megavideo limits the non-premium members to watch in minutes. however, it’s still a great trick to save the online videos from megavideo.

    besides, there are many other ways, such as the Firefox script “Mega Download for Greasemonkey” (, or MegaVideo Downloader ( not bad to try them as you can. :-)