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Did You Lose Your Twitter Followers?

Many people all around the Twitter are complaining about decrease in their followers count. No need to worry because Twitter is trying to wipe out all the spam accounts these days. As popularity of Twitter is increasing day by day, many people from all over the web started using twitter for spamming purpose. Twitter administration have took a major step to keep Twitter as clean micro-bloggin spot by deleting many spam accounts.

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Mainly this creack down is on spam accounts and bots that follow people automatically, so there is much chances that real people accounts will remain unaffected. However some of the affected people are complaining that not only their follower count have dropped dramatically but all of their followers and people they followed were wiped out.

According to Twitter

For some time, the follower and following counts we display have been incorrect for some folks. We’re soon to push a change that will address this issue. This means that the count you see in your sidebar should match what you see on your follower and following pages.

However, a consequence of this change is that follower counts will drop for some people. In particular, those with large followings may see significant changes as we correct for spam accounts and data inconsistencies. No legitimate followings should be affected—we’re just cleaning up artifacts in the system.

No doubt spamming on twitter is a big issue. We do support this action by twitter administration against spammers. Moreover there are also rumors that twitter is going to add "Report Abuse" option for every account on twitter through which people will be able to spot and crack down the accounts of spammers.

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