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Are Visitors From Bing More Likely To Click On Ads Than Google?

Yes, it is true, user from Microsoft Bing is more likely to click on the ads of your website than a Google user. Google, Bing and Yahoo are the main three search engines that prevail the market as compared to other search engines. According to Chitika [Search Advertising Network] visitors of Microsoft Bing are 55 percent more likely to click on an ad as compared to a visitor from Google.

Search Click Rate

For a complete week in July, Chitika noticed the CTR [Click Through Rate] of over 32 million ads impression across the network of over 50,000 websites. They were astonished to see that visitors from Bing clicked ads 1.5 percent of the time, while Google visitors CTR was only 0.97, even yahoo lead Google with a CTR of 1.24 percent.

One more important fact is that Google visitors get 83% exact result i-e what they are looking for, on the other hand Bing provide you with only 8% exact result. The more traffic that comes from any one source (i.e., Google), the lower the click through rate is likely to trend. If the market share was reversed, Bing would undoubtedly have a lower click through rate.

Click Report

My personal opinion about these facts and figures is that a visitor from Bing is more likely to click on an ad because most of the time they are not always able to find exact result for the first time, so they click on ads to get more relevant results while a user from Google is lucky enough to find the exact result for the very first time so he don't need to click on the ads to get the desired information.

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