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Apple Preparing iPod Touch With Camera, Microphone

While the iPod Touch is considered to be an amazing device just like the iPhone since it boasts the iPhone OS and has support for thousands of apps, it still lacks behind the iPhone in features such as a microphone and camera. Right now the functionality of a Mic can be used on an iPod Touch only by purchasing 3rd party hardware modules.

iPod Touch

Well of course Apple needs to keep a distance between the iPod Touch and iPhone in order to cater for their respective markets but from what sources at Wired say, the gap may be bridged soon in the next model update of the iPod Touch.

The source claims that the new iPod Touches with Camera and Microphone are already under the process of manufacturing in China and shall be unveiled by Apple in two to three months. Who knows, even Steve Jobs might show up?

If the rumors are true, not only will this make an iPod Touch the best entertainment tool ever (which it already is!) but will also make it a useful voice communication tool, especially for people in their home with Wi-Fi.

We do know that Apple is preparing for a music event by end of this year which will not only bring the joy of the return of Steve Jobs but will also introduce new products like an Apple Netbook and an iPod Touch with Camera/Microphone and extended memory. Take that Zune!

Update: Click To Watch Leaked Photos Of 3G iPod Touch With Camera

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