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A New And More Social Yahoo! Homepage

If you were not a fan of browser start-pages like iGoogle, Yahoo! and Live, wait till you see the revamped edition of the Yahoo! homepage which now boasts more social and interactive features. Yahoo! has been working on a new homepage since September last year and finally this new edition of the homepage is being rolled out to everyone, starting from users in the U.S.

New Yahoo Homepage

What's special about this new homepage is that Yahoo! has removed links to all those useless Yahoo! services in the sidebar and has replaced it with a 'My Favorites' portal which lets you add your favorite social networks, blogs, websites as widgets. This will allow users to synchronize with their social activity around the web, specially social networks like Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.

Yahoo! already provides some of the basic apps/widgets for you to add in the sidebar, however a widget from any URL can be created on the fly even if it does not have RSS. For future, Yahoo! plans to allow users to sync up the homepage customizations between their desktop and mobile.

As of now, the new homepage can be only be tested by logged in users at this address.

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