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7 Reasons to Go For Windows 7

Windows 7 has introduced a number of improvements that have without a doubt made it easier to work with than any of its predecessors. The new taskbar along with a slightly tweaked glass look gives it a fresh feel in itself that tempts the user to explore it further. It was developed while keeping the customer feedback in mind and has, in short, made everything quite simple.

Windows 7

Faster Startup and Shutdown times

With Windows7, your computer (notebook/PC) will start up, shutdown and resume from standby much faster than ever before.

Windows 7 Libraries

Windows 7 Libraries

One of the new features of the upcoming Microsoft operating system are libraries which basically is a collection of folders on the computer system. A Library can be treated like a folder with a group of subfolders inside it. The important thing to remember is that the subfolders are not actually stored in the library. They are just made to seem as though they are. Each library has some default contents, but you can change these, and also create new libraries if you wish.

Desktop Enhancements

  1. Aero Peek: Allows you to show the computer desktop, hiding all active windows in the process. This feature in Windows 7 is enabled by hovering over an icon in the right-bottom most corner of the new Windows 7 Taskbar.
  2. Aero Shake: Allows you to quickly concentrate on one window while hiding the rest. Simply grab and shake the title bar to hide or show all other windows.
  3. Desktop Wallpaper Slideshows: Allows you to change wallpapers automatically after a fixed period of allotted time.
  4. Gadgets: Unlike Vista, Windows 7 allows the gadgets to be moved and resized as desired.

The New Taskbar

The new taskbar dubbed “Superbar” in Windows 7 is alone worth the upgrade. Some of the new enhancements in taskbar really helps you in increasing your work productivity!


  • Jump List displays the most recently used files of a particular application:
  1. Its just a single right click away!
  2. No need to search the document again.A right click on the icon on your taskbar ,select the document and you are ready to work again.
  3. You can also create your own customized jump list.


  • Better Taskbar previews in 7 give you a better view of what’s open:
  1. Larger icons increase visibility.
  2. Modifiable taskbar icon order greatly help especially when working with multiple documents from different applications.
  3. Preview and full-screen preview before switching to window.

Easier Networking via HomeGroup


HomeGroup makes it simple and easier to share music, documents, printers, and everything else with the other PCs running Windows 7 in your house.

Improvements in Battery and Power Options


  1. With Windows 7, you get more time from battery than in Vista.
    • Power draw reduced by 15 per cent
    • More battery life
  2. More suitable for netbook computers.
  3. Detects whether the battery is not working properly in a better way at a much earlier stage than Vista.

Windows Touch

Windows Touch

With a touch-sensitive (multi-touch supported) screen, you can browse online newspapers, flick through photo albums, and shuffle files and folders—using nothing but your fingers just like you can on your iPhone.

These are the top reasons why I will be upgrading to Windows 7 this summer. What about you? [via RedmondPie]

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    Justin12 years ago

    If these are your top reasons to switch to Windows 7, then I might as well stick with Vista O.o

    But ok, yeah, vista (32-bit) sucked pretty hardcore. You can’t develop software for 64-bit systems, then get forced to quickly back track and turn a 64-bit into a 32-bit.

    I’m running Vista Home Premium 64-bit with Linux (Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04) as a second OS on a seperate partition, and to be honest, I find few problems with vista.

    Sure, when Vista was first released it wasn’t the best. But think back to when XP was first released… it was also not perfect. And there also was 3 Service Packs that were eventually released to patch up the holes and errors.

    But you need to understand what actually happened in the developement of Vista. Microsoft started the developement of a 64-bit Operating System (All pc’s at the time were running in 32-bit.) Then when they relaized not many other companies wanted to get on board with such a huge change, Microsoft scrambled to reverse what they had done. They took a 64-bit system and back tracked it to be a 32-bit Operating System, and to put that in basic terms its like trying to cook steaks in a micowave, it just does not come out all that great. From the ground up, a 32-bit system is VERY different from a 64-bit.

    And XP may be getting old, but there are still tons of big name companies out there that are still using and developing on the XP OS. SAIC and General Atomics are just two of them.

    Theres not enough in Windows7 to make me even want to switch. Yeah things get out-dated, but I think I’ll stick with what works best, and right now thats actually Vista.

    Rohit Arondekar12 years, 3 months ago

    The only reason to go for Win 7 is that Vista sucks and XP is getting way too old. :)

    Ronny12 years, 3 months ago

    I (almost) totally agree.
    7 reminds me a lot of Mac OS – it is kind of the best of both worlds if you want. First time that I find an OS from Redmond quite usable and almost fun to use (compared to Mac OS X). I think this is a major milestone in MS history. They are on a good way with this release, no matter how much Apple is taunting their efforts.
    I would not give up my Mac OS in favour of Windows (yet) but I would actually very much like to use it on my work computer as soon as possible.