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Traffic Squeezer “WAN Network and Low-speed Link Optimization Solution”

There are three types of Networks commonly in use for digital communication all around the world, LAN(Local Area Network), WAN(Wide Area Network) and MAN(Metropolitan Area Network). There are a lot of factors involved in these networks for reliable and efficient communication between the pears/computing devices, network traffic optimization plays a key role in a Netowork, as technology is advancing day by day, a lot of efficient software solutions are also coming into picture for optimization of traffic across these networks.

A project called “Traffic Squeezer” is a similar WAN Optimization software solution, it’s an open source application, software uses lossless compression and other procedures to accelerate traffic on Linux-based network devices, and it's said a port to an embedded hardware version is planned.

Traffic Squeezer

Traffic Squeezer compresses network traffic using selectable lossless compression algorithms including RLE, LZ77, and LZO. The program also removes duplicate data traveling over the network, "and instead sends a template reference of the duplicate traffic," says the project. In addition, Traffic Squeezer is said to cache open objects, and then only transmits changes made to the object.

Download Software/Solution:

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