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How To Share Any File On Twitter? [TwitDoc]

No doubt twitter is one of the most widely used platform for sharing information across the world. Not only this, twitter is turning into one of the prominent media sharing platform too. There are many websites which provide you with the facility to share media on twitter. TwitDoc is a cool website which enables you to share Adobe PDFs, Microsoft office documents and many other file formats.

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All you need is your twitter account and the file you want to share.

Just open [] and follow these steps:

1. Upload a document or picture
2. Shorten the URL
3. Post a tweet with a link to your document

Basically this site has integrated itself with one of the most popular doc. sharing website [] which make it very useful to view/open the documents online.

Although the idea looks impressive but still we don't think that TwitDoc will be as popular as Still it can be used for wide variety of purposes including interesting reports, scanned images, pictures etc

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