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How to Protect Your Laptop Privacy [Phoenix Freeze]

Just consider a laptop which automatically locks itself and goes to power saving mode when you are at a certain distance from mobile, yes now this is possible using Phoenix Freeze which can lock your laptop when you are away with the help of your any blue-tooth enabled cellphone i-e iPhone or Blackberry. This will not only protect your privacy but also you will be able to save the battery of your laptop by switching to power-saving mode automatically.

Phoenix Freeze

Here are some of the advantages of this small and simple project.

Protect Your Data:

All you need is a laptop which may have Windows Vista or Windows XP installed along with a blue-tooth enabled cell configured with phoenix freeze. In case your boss calls you in an office and you forgot to lock your laptop, then freeze will protect your privacy by locking your laptop automatically. When you will be on your way back to your desk, freeze will unlock your laptop before you may reach your desk. Of course you can set the desired locking distance manually.

Freeze will reduce the power consumption of your laptop when you will be away by allowing you to select a power-saving "green" mode (standby). When you will step back the power-consumption will be back to normal again without the need to re-entering a password. This conserves your battery and hence increases its life.

Phoenix Freeze

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    Matt11 years, 3 months ago

    Now obsolete/on permanent hiatus, as Phoenix was bought out and the new company has blocked access to the repository page. See for yourself in the link, supplied above.